Driving lessons that give you confidence


Driving lessons in Yeovil, Sherborne, Crewkerne, Merriott, Martock

Drive-UK is based in Yeovil, Somerset and provides driving lessons in Yeovil, Sherborne, Crewkerne, Merriott, Martock and surrounding areas. Martin Bailey at Drive-UK is a fully qualified driving instructor who will help you pass your test through a structured course tailored to your personal needs and requirements.

I have over 13 years experience of teaching people to drive and will help you become a safe and responsible driver. I aim to provide a structured course that is challenging yet fulfilling and moves at a comfortable pace for you.


Beginner Drivers

You are on the verge of something very exciting and life changing…

The buzz you have when passing your driving test is a special “one off” feeling. You will be elated because you know your world is going to change beyond belief.

Being a full licence holder isn’t just about cutting your journey times. It’s about being in the car, window down, the sun is shining and you are playing your music. Having your own car is all about going where you want, when you want and with whoever.

Soon you will be able to go away on weekends with your friends without the hassle of buses, trains, or asking for lifts…

First of all, you need to pass the driving test and it all starts with beginner lessons.
I’d love to be the driving instructor who helps you to drive, and I will be delighted when you contact me.


Teaching Nervous Drivers

Do you feel like a nervous wreck when it comes to driving? Whatever the reason, give me a call and let us talk through how I can help.

Before you read on I want you to be 100% aware that I will always make sure you are safe.

Nerves are a terrible thing. You know how they are holding you back, but you have made the first step by coming to this website and learning how you can take control and change your life.

I’ve been a driving instructor for a long time and my speciality is helping people just like you find their confidence when learning to drive. I promise that you will always be safe and I will never shout or be impatient, in fact, you might think I am a saint… Only kidding about the “saint”, but I do want you to learn how to become relaxed and comfortable.

Right now I just want you to contact me or phone me 07971 3409 10 and tell me what’s happening.
I know I can help you.


Part Trained Driver

Isn’t it about time you booked your driving test?

You can already drive to some degree and you don’t need beginner driving lessons. Ok, there might be something you need to go over and polish up, but mainly you are now thinking of getting your head down and passing your driving test.

What I am going to do for you may surprise you.
Depending on your availability, don’t be shocked if we book your driving test straight away, and yes I am serious.

Have a think for a moment. Assume you can’t take a test for another 8 weeks, and we think you need approximately 20-25 hours of tuition to be ready. It’s only 3 hours a week, so you can understand why we could be booking your test almost straight away.

What you need to do is contact me tell me your story, talk to me about your experience and then show me what you can do.


Failed your test

How bad does it feel to fail your driving test?  Imagine failing several times?
It’s not just the money, it’s EVERYTHING…

I know exactly why you failed your driving test.

Quite a bold statement to make I know, but people fail because of 3 things.

1) You were not prepared
2) You did not have the confidence
3) Just sheer bad luck

While I can’t help with luck, I can make sure you are 100% confident in your preparation and that is what you need when going into a driving test.

When you phone me 07971 3409 or contact me, tell me your story, describe to me what has happened and I will start to put things right for you.